Take back control!

A messaging app for groups with an opposite concept

minimum info and relevant only!

Stop wasting time!

How many of your Whatsapp and Facebook
messages do you really need?

Groupee Messenger enables you to choose which message
categories you wish to receive allowing you to avoid messages
for unnecessary areas of interest.


Today you can either be in a group or leave the group, follow a business or unfollow the business. There is no midway.

With Groupee you can choose to partially follow a group| or business and to focus on the areas of your personal interest without being included and receiving unwanted disturbances.

You Decide

Enough of you being controlled
by other users, by spam emails, by group
SMS messages and by all those continuous whatsapps!

The groupee concept is that YOU decide and control which
messages to receive, from who and when.
for unnecessary areas of interest.

Focus on what
really matters

We've forgotten what’s really important
and how to focus our attention on
it with ongoing distractions.

Groupee enables you to identify and focus on the messages which
are worth your time reading and to cut out any unwanted
disturbances eliminating unwanted messaging and refining
your use of social media.

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